For Charity this November..

After a beep last year this time (due to sheer exhaustion from moving house!), am getting back into my annual christmas "pilgrimage" mode. 

November is the time when gifts can be sent in time for christmas, and I can make the donation in december as a cheer for the seasons. Yes, 50% of my november sales proceeds will go to to elderly charities in my country, a personal cause of mine these few years given the inadequacy of social netting here. 

This is also my 10th christmas charity event, marking how long I have been painting and come into confidence as an artist to share my creations with the world. It has been one long journey from impressionism to expressionism, and now to exploring abstractism. Along the way, I have made many friends and met many art lovers and creators, an invaluable experience I would not have exhanged for anything in the world period.

My online shops: 
http://yenpaintings.etsy.com - 15% off all paintings
http://yen.artfire.com - use code: ART4CHARITY for 15% off

Do support the cause, and the art if you like it :)

PostScript: MERCI to all who supported the cause this November. Total contributions of S$350 (approx US$260) have been made to St. Andrew's Mission Hospital  and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital which have been doing very excellent, patient and valuable work in taking care of our elderly that are in their good hands. 
Be merry most if not all the time, and always healthy !!


The Abstraction Journey

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"city tribes" + "Cs n ladders", each 40"x30", mixed media on canvas.  
losing & finding oneself again, souls in the city.

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"wispy", "oasis", "musings & "deep thoughts", each 24x24in, oil on canvas.  
The artworks began with 4 musical riffs, became one, and then each finding its own path.

Visit ENSEMBLE: coming out into Abstraction exhibition 19-21 July: https://www.facebook.com/ensemble.abstract/


ENSEMBLE abstract art exhibition, 19-21 July @ The Arts House

An upcoming exhibition with 7 other fellow NAFA abstract art class alumni, where we had a wonderful one year journey together under the guidance of teacher-mentor Mr Raymond Yap, who is also our curator. For this exhibition, it is yet another exciting sojourn into unexpectedness as I ventured into the world of abstractism and found myself going back to the basics of colours, shapes and lines that drew me to loving making art in the first place. Starting with something or beginning with nothing, it gets somewhere, somehow, disappears, gone and then comes back again. And that is the beauty of it all. Come discover something within you, and in us :)



WHERE:       The Arts House Gallery 1, 1 Old Parliament Lane S 179429

MRT:            City Hall, Raffles Place

WHEN:        July 19, 6pm-9pm (Fri opening night);
                    July 20, 11am-9pm (Sat);
                    July 21, 11am-6pm (Sun)



Creation of DREAMembrance art series

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"Lau Pa Sat", 30" x 24", oil on canvas 2018.  
The place that my eyes are drawn to whenever I am in town, the Telok Ayer Market, its chinese moniker the Old Market, an archtiectural landmark haven that has always been, never mind the endless modernity sprouting around it.  
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"The Lost Station", 30" x 24", oil on canvas 2018 
Lost in time, literally, our beloved Tanjong Pagar Railway Station saw its last train depart from Singapore to Malaysia in 2011 and then closed in 2016 to be re-made into a new mrt station, due far away in 2025.
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"The Silent Dome", 30" x 24", oil on canvas 2018 
From the Supreme Court to the National Gallery, the quintessential Dome stayed intact, thankfully, a comforting presence anchoring the padang field and a silent witness to many a historic event in the ever-changing city.
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"Chinatown Blues", 30" x 24", oil on canvas 2018 
The black white balconies at this classy row of peranakan shophouses on a nonchalent back lane called Teck Lim Road seem to jazz and have a life of their own, nudging me to paint them. And so I did.

Visit DREAMembrance art exhibition 3-5 Aug: https://www.facebook.com/events/624970771220288/


DREAMembrance art exhibition, 3-5 Aug @ That Spare Room

An upcoming exhibition with 2 other artists whose works I love very much. It's been a wonderful meandering journey from the coming together more than a year ago, the initial ideas, the enjoyable discourses, the brainstorming, the theme, the planning, the venue, the slow but surely coming to fruition of the exhibition, and of course the painting, the exhilaration, the sharing, the learning, and yes, now finally the last lap to d-day on 3 August. Do join us :)


journey into the wistful and wishful world between dreams and memories…

DREAMembrance presents the collective works of three artists as they explore the interplay between dreams and memories, creating a rich and colorful realm that bridges the past with the present, realities with aspirations. The artworks depict the artists’ emotive connections to places, people, objects, and experiences that transport the viewer to a deeply intimate space. 

Ong Hwee Yen offers a fresh take on local landmark scenes through a series of forget-me-not art vignettes of the place she grew up and dreamt in. Chris Lim’s paintings are a mix of reminiscences of landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and still life objects, conjuring a dream-like effect that evokes mystery, disorientation, and nostalgia. Using a semi-abstract approach, Arlyn de Jesus creates a series of social commentaries through whimsical mindscapes about living in a hyper-connected world.


WHERE:       That Spare Room @ The Fabulous Baker Boy, 70 River Valley Road #01-15, S 179037

MRT:            Fort Canning

WHEN:        August 3, 11am-5pm (Fri);
                    August 4, 11am-9pm (Sat);
                    August 5, 11am-5pm (Sun)



Artscape Exhibition, 1-3 Dec @ SOTA

Participating in Artscape 1st edition with my fellow artists at the studio, it's gonna be fun with some over 50 artists at SOTA and over 300 artworks.   

The common thread of my paintings this round is travel. Travel in time, travel in whimsical dreams, travel to foreign lands.. wherever my brushstrokes take me.. 

"Yesteryear", a juxtaposition of the present Capitol Theatre morphing into the charming Capitol Cinema of old,

"Paper Planes", a little girl's whimsical flight of fancy at Changi airport, 

"Lanterns" and "Marina Lights", abstract depictions of the red lanterns and night lights that thread the magic at Chinatown and Marina Bay,

"Cape of Hope", "Icelandic Houses" and "Brilliance", faraway dreams of fond places remembered.. Capetown (South Africa) at dusk, Reykjavik (Iceland) in winter, and Mont Tremblant (Canada) woods in autumn.  

Sneak peek of the first painting here, visit the exhibition to see the rest :)

Date: 1 ~ 3 Dec 2017, 12pm-10pm
Venue: SOTA Art Gallery
1 Zubir Said Drive, Level 2, Singapore 227968

Tel: 8192 4122 
Website: www.artscapesg.com
MRT: Dhoby Ghaut, Exit B


November Charity Sale

Yep. It's that time of the year for my annual christmas "pilgrimage" since I started selling art. The world has gone from posting physical snail mail greeting cards to come full circle where everything is ordered at the click of a button, which keeps deliverymen busy as ever whilst many a brick and mortar store is left biting the dust. Or is there a turnaround yet?  

Well, I am not laying my bets. Meanwhile I am reminded of my old Pigeon Symphony painting, the first one sold, peaceful as ever watching the world, and flowing waters, go by endlessly in time. No matter what the mad mad world turns into, we still need the comforting solace of our fellow compatriots. 

This year, I am jumping on the free shipping wagon for paintings and art prints. 50% of my sales proceeds for November will go to charitable causes, which for a personal reason, will be focussed on the elderly needs in my country as the social netting is sadly lacking. 

My online shops: 
http://yen.artfire.com - use code: FREESHIP4U

Appreciate the support & merry shopping, I mean clicking ;p

PostScript: MANY THANKS to all who purchased my art items in November. Donations totalling S$600 (approx US$445) have been made to elderly causes, Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, Home Nursing Foundation & Thong Chai Institue of Medical Research
Seasons greetings & be happy & healthy !!


Art by Yen

Ta-da!  Introducing my new revamped website: www.artbyyen.com 

Been tardy about blogging since I discover the insta-joy of instagram, and yes, been too busy painting my heart out, no kidding ;p

Okay no more excuses, I am back after six months, oops..  and wonder where I should begin.  My art journey in the past half year has been one of experimentation, not of the wild abandon variety, but trying out new things that I have not had the time to do before, and painting things (even cliche ones!) I have wanted to do at some time but never found the time.  In other words, I was having way too much fun ;p

Revamping my website has given me the chance to contemplate and to draw a thread to it all.. namely, abstraction and more precisely, its no-boundaries anything-goes methods which help me to hone my original style.  I have learnt that the brush and knife are not the only ways to paint, in fact, it is the tool I used least in my recent work. So I veered from abstraction methods of thick layering, sponging, collage, using objects, fingers, you name it, from impressionism to abstraction and back. Including some artwork here that I personally like, whether they came about accidentally or not ;p  After all, abstraction is not knowing where I'd land which is what makes the process so exciting :) My art journey is getting more fun by the day..

Icelandic Houses I, 10"x12"
Starry, 12"x12"
From Prague with Love, 18"x18"
Brilliance, 12"x12"
Cape of Hope, 20"x24"
Sail to the Moon, 18"x18"

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com


Icelandic Series

After a hiatus from travel oil art, I came back to one of my favourite nature subject, Iceland.

I wanted to paint clouds and the fascinating ever-changing skies from my 2012 trip immediately came to mind. There was material a-plenty from my memories and photographs of the land of fire and ice, which is an abstract art unto itself.. 

So this little paintings series was born, painted impasto as I got re-acquainted with my favourite oil medium, happy and relaxed as can be :)

Finally when I've done enough pieces that I am satisfied with, it dawned that put together, they form an inspirational whole that brightens up my room. And day :) With this, the name of each piece was born. May the paintings bring peace and good tidings to all beholders of this tribute to Icelandic nature.

Titles:  Icelandic 1 to 9 ~ Infinite, Hope, Awe, Unbending, Flow, Haven, Oneness, Awakening, Serene (O132-O140) 
Description: Icelandic series depicting the beautiful elements of nature, clouds, mountains, waterfalls, surreal earth, and homes, in harmonious blend in the land of fire and ice. 2016. 
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 
Dimensions:  14" x 10" each.

Purchase at: 

"Icelandic 7 ~ Oneness", "Icelandic 9 ~ Serene" are Sold.