ENSEMBLE abstract art exhibition, 19-21 July @ The Arts House

An upcoming exhibition with 7 other fellow NAFA abstract art class alumni, where we had a wonderful one year journey together under the guidance of teacher-mentor Mr Raymond Yap, who is also our curator. For this exhibition, it is yet another exciting sojourn into unexpectedness as I ventured into the world of abstractism and found myself going back to the basics of colours, shapes and lines that drew me to loving making art in the first place. Starting with something or beginning with nothing, it gets somewhere, somehow, disappears, gone and then comes back again. And that is the beauty of it all. Come discover something within you, and in us :)



WHERE:       The Arts House Gallery 1, 1 Old Parliament Lane S 179429

MRT:            City Hall, Raffles Place

WHEN:        July 19, 6pm-9pm (Fri opening night);
                    July 20, 11am-9pm (Sat);
                    July 21, 11am-6pm (Sun)


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