November Charity Sale

Yep. It's that time of the year for my annual christmas "pilgrimage" since I started selling art. The world has gone from posting physical snail mail greeting cards to come full circle where everything is ordered at the click of a button, which keeps deliverymen busy as ever whilst many a brick and mortar store is left biting the dust. Or is there a turnaround yet?  

Well, I am not laying my bets. Meanwhile I am reminded of my old Pigeon Symphony painting, the first one sold, peaceful as ever watching the world, and flowing waters, go by endlessly in time. No matter what the mad mad world turns into, we still need the comforting solace of our fellow compatriots. 

This year, I am jumping on the free shipping wagon for paintings and art prints. 50% of my sales proceeds for November will go to charitable causes, which for a personal reason, will be focussed on the elderly needs in my country as the social netting is sadly lacking. 

My online shops: 
http://yen.artfire.com - use code: FREESHIP4U

Appreciate the support & merry shopping, I mean clicking ;p

PostScript: MANY THANKS to all who purchased my art items in November. Donations totalling S$600 (approx US$445) have been made to elderly causes, Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, Home Nursing Foundation & Thong Chai Institue of Medical Research
Seasons greetings & be happy & healthy !!

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