After doing a sweet impressionist painting on Girona, I had to do something a little subversive on the spanish enclave.  I am not sure why, it's just an emotional outlet for me.  So Juxtaposition was created.

The buildings and structures are from the Girona jewish quarter but placed in a surreal swathe of matisse-influenced, almost carnival, colours.  Girona wasn't always picturesque postcard pretty.  The city is said to have undergone 25 sieges and been captured 7 times.  

Therein lies the contradiction and strangely, also the aura behind the ancient architectural pieces of this historic place.  Saccharine yet tumultuous, present quietude versus an agitated past, every pretty remnant tells a story or does it hide a secret? That is the essence of this piece.

Title: Juxtaposition (O77)
Description: A surreal take on Girona's historic jewish quarter, with buildings and structures placed in a swathe of matisse-influenced, almost carnival, colors.  Spain Vignettes 2012.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 76 x 61cm.