On A Latte Afternoon

On a latte afternoon.. that was the feeling given me by Girona, a city in northeast Catalonia Spain.  A photographer's paradise, historical architectural gems a-plenty, lyrical botanical gardens, not outrageously stunning, but quiet and soothing.  Dancers on the cathedral steps, a spontaneous street band by the river, a lady with a baby pram strolls by, a wedding couple posing for their most precious moments, the sounds of celebration, nobody's in a hurry, all inter-mixing like a lyrical dance play, alluring and addictive, much like the many ice-cream palours on its streets :)

So that was how I painted Girona..

Title: On A Latte Afternoon (O76)
Description: On a latte afternoon, a chance mix of passer-bys and dancers on the street, lulling on the medieval stone steps, fleeting amongst the ancient buildings of a beautiful historic jewish quarter, much like a hypnotic dream or a lyrical play, therein lies the charms of Girona. Spain Vignettes 2012.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 76 x 61cm.

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com 


  1. It looks like your brushes are inspired by your travels...

  2. Yes they are, esp this one. Sometimes my surrealist tendencies overtake though :) Thanks for the comment!