Icelandic Church

After a hiatus of one year when I only painted three works on Iceland, I finally find the impetus to continue. It was a case of too much inspiration but unsure if I can execute that led to the block.. but I always I knew I would return.  

So it is, with the thick paint style reminiscent of Van Gogh that I long abandoned (or unconsciously avoided) that I did this surreal little piece of a tiny church in the small remote town of Reykholt.  Well, actually every place in Iceland is remote ;p  But this image taken during twilight, particularly brings out the lonesome building on the horizon feel.  And I do so love the Icelandic churches, with its unique architecture of clean lines and wooden structures.

In the end, whatever style, it is the surreal emotions that got translated onto canvas, which is the expressionist in me :)

Title: Icelandic Church (O109)
Description: Surreal Icelandic painting of little whimsical church on the horizon with evocative cloudscape of twilight sunset in dramatic pink purple orange hues, reminiscent of Van Gogh style
. Icelandic Series 2014.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 30 x 30cm. 

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com 

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