West Lake

I first visited China as a kid and loved Hangzhou then. Pleasant place, an amazing acrobatic performance, and a beautiful lake. 

So it was that on this trip to Shanghai, I had to go Hangzhou again, even for a few hours. Gilded childhood memories aside, must say I was taken aback by the mad circus at the train station, the crazy cab ride to the nearest part of the lake in order to maximise my visit, and oh lord, I think the whole of China is here!!

Thankfully, the lake is incredibly big, more than I ever remember. Incredibly, there is space for everyone.  And incredibly lucky was I to find a quiet garden section which was so beautiful I was reminded of Giverny.  And oh the time flew by as I explored the little  surprises at every nook and corner.  Rarely has the harmony of man and nature been more intricate than in this heavenly place, which is the very essence of zen. And thus the tribute of this painting.

Title: West Lake 西湖 (O87)
Description: A quiet corner at the beautiful West Lake captures my heart, as Hangzhou once did many years ago. China 2013.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 61 x 61cm.


doreen said...Your painting exudes the energy that is not found in the photo. Well done! Love your painting!
timi said... This painting is beautiful and unique in its execution. I LOVE It. 


  1. Karen22.9.13

    Simply divine! Adore how the serenity of the composition is counterbalanced by the vibrancy of the colours.

  2. Thanks, Karen. Always great to have someone who understands and appreciates composition :)