Spanish Dancers

I missed seeing the Spanish flamenco dancers 13 years ago when I first visited Spain.  Twas a funny tale on its own as my backpacking mate and I searched high and low for this out of the way bar famed for flamenco according to our 'gospel' guidebooks without knowing that it also means singing only.  So we happily downed a couple when we found the elusive hideout and waited all night only to learn that we are already hearing the flamenco ;p

Well this time round to Spain, I made sure we also see the flamenco.. And what a sight!  Words cannot quite describe our enthralment at the whole performance together with the vibrant singing (cante) and guitar playing (toque).  The swirls, the stances, the atmosphere, the energy, all combine for a pulsating staccato act of rich drama and passion electrifying to the senses, and that must also epitomise the Spaniards.

My rendition is quieter and more abstract but no less passionate, seeking to explore the femininity and sensuous personality of the art form through line, shape and colour.

Title: Spanish Dancers I, II (SOLD); Spanish Dancer I, II (A34-37)
Description: A series of 4 little paintings inspired by the Spanish flamenco dance, exploring the femininity of the art form through line, shape and colour. Spain Vignettes 2012.
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: Each 30x 30cm.

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sagarika sen said... 
really really nice 
stella marie capao said.. 
love the color

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