Messages From The Past ( 古老的信息 )

The old township of Lugang in central Taiwan is a charming place to visit, not too touristy and most of all, the character of the old shops in all kinds of odd shapes and sizes are retained and selling a fascinating array of colourful knick-knacks and stuff.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself browsing the shops with my friends when I spotted a Japanese photographer taking a picture of a beautiful door of a closed foresaken-looking storefront. With the whistling winds, the fluttering red pieces of paper gave the place a mysterious feel that seem to transport me to the days of old. I decided to shoot the storefront from the side in order to capture the effect of the wind, with the swinging red lantern adding to the atmosphere.

It was this romantic windswept feel of ancient Chinese times that I seek to capture with my strokes when I painted the piece, with the postbox adding the touch and link to modernity, as if the past is whispering its mysterious messages to the present.

Title: Messages From The Past (O40,SA29)
Taiwan series. Inspired by the Lugang Old Town in Central Taiwan, this atmospheric piece uses strong contrast, bold colours and swift movement to juxtapose the romantic past with the present. 2010.

Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.

Dimensions: 76x60cm

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i like your messages from the past.

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