Another work inspired by my last Scotland trip.The reference pic was taken when I was re-visiting the Highlands on the train and as usual, the typical 'atmospheric' (read: rainy) Scottish weather prevailed. When we weren't shrouded in fog, the window panorama threw up some really dramatic 'cloudscapes' and all I could do amidst the high speed frenzy was clicked optimistically hoping to catch some of these gems, however blurred the result may be. This shot was one of them and I loved the fisheye effect.

But when it comes to painting it, my colour instincts took over completely. My original photo is called
"eye of a storm"; the painting result is however more of a kaleidoscope of colours with all the elements of nature - ocean, mountains, islets, beach, sky, clouds - interacting and encircled in a harmonious peaceful scene. Hence the name "Kaleidoscope".

Title: Kaleidoscope (O29)
Description: Highlands from the train. Inspired by the atmospheric 'cloudscapes' whilst travelling in the Scottish Highlands by train. 2009.
Medium: Oil n Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 60 x 60cm.

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