Mornington Peninsula ~ Tea At Boathouse

Besides outdoors, the
Mornington Peninsula area also has charming restaurants. This particular one called Boathouse is beside an art gallery and we spent a leisurely afternoon having long discourses over tea and cakes in the al fresco sitting at the back which is beside a river and has lovely greenery filtering the sun rays much like a Monet painting.

The soft yellowish-green lighting of the scene from my reference photo is what I started with as the main toning for the painting. However, as I started to do the table cloth and objects, I started getting adventurous on the colours. The table is tilted up for better composition and perspective. The end result is I think a quaint painting, just like the restaurant ;p

Title: Tea At Boathouse (O13)
Description: Tea table at a quaint monet-like restaurant called Boathouse, Mornington Peninsula. 2008.

Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 50 x 40cm. SOLD.

Mini-Acrylic Work (with lime green cardboard frame) 26x21cm: SOLD.

3 comments:mary c. aikens said...
I really like your paintings very much. You have captured the use of color... The "Street Scene in Arles" and "Tea At Boathouse" are among two of my favorites of your paintings..
beibei said...
Peace and serenity
weishian said...
I especially like the Clouds – Dome and the Mornington Peninsula – Tea at Boathouse.

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