Cloud Series ~ The Lamppost

When it comes to clouds, how can I forget the Scottish Highlands where the ever-changing weather and sky conditions make for the most dramatic surrealistic breathtaking scenery ever. Period.

So my 2nd cloud painting had to be sourced from the trip photos of my favourite place on earth. The reference pic, a favourite of mine, depicts a typical Scottish lamppost with flowers silhoutted against dancing clouds that seemed to gravitate towards a deserted fort at the Isle of Skye. The word Skye derives from the Norse word Skuy meaning clouds, so apt for my cloud series..

While the original pic was cool in hue, I interjected an orange glow for the sunset setting and had fun with all sorts of colours on the clouds. The result is a tad bold but this is probably the strongest I'd ever get in a painting.. I think.

Title: Cloud Series ~ The Lamppost (O16,SA7)
Description: I was drawn to the dancing clouds framing the silhoutte of a lamppost and a deserted fort at the Scottish Highlands. 2008.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 50 x 40cm.


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anna jasmin said...
The contrast is captivating, this piece draws my attention and I love the serenity.

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