Leisure ~ Street View Through Stained Glass

The reference photo (below) for this work was taken during my solo journey through Egypt, a particularly eventful and unforgettable one even as backpacking trips go. I had started my adventure from sunny Aswan, the southern end of the Nile, and slowly made my way up to the chilly north, arriving at long last to chaotic Cairo. After all the desert and sands and ruins, it was really disorienting coming back to civilisation, and an ecclectic one at that, not to mention constantly trying to avoid being run down by the mad honking traffic. So it was with relief when I found this nice peaceful cafe for a tea break. My seat was beside a lovely tainted window overlooking a busy market street which finally allowed me to enjoy and appreciate the energetic buzz and charms of Cairo from a "safe" distance ;p

The painting reflects my relieved restful and relaxed mood at the time and the european feel that Cairo gave to me. I maintained the colour scheme and shapes of the original window panels but took liberty with the buildings, vehicles and passer-bys on the street according to the mood I wanted to convey ~ that of observing in contemplation a bustling street with everyday life going-ons on a lazy leisurely afternoon with the colourful panels offering different pictures, perspectives and moods of the scene, much like a reflection of the trials and tribulations in life.

Title: Leisure ~ Street View Through Stained Glass (O4)
Description: Inspired by a window scene from a cafe in Cairo, Egypt. 2007.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 60 x 50cm.


alice said...
gerry said...
Starry Night and the stained glass oil painting are my favorite.
weishian said...
Leisure ~ Street View Through Stained Glass piece was pretty unique..

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