Cambodia Angkor Wat Art Trip

Painting plein air, or in the open air. It sounds so cool, especially when this was popularised by the Impressionists who believe in capturing natural light. For me, working outdoors is altogether very exciting and challenging. Most of all, it forces one to make decisions quickly and accelerates the learning process.

Whilst I have had the odd paint-out day trip from time to time, my 1st major painting journey of notable length was a 1-week hiatus to Siem Reap with my art class in Dec 2006, a very memorable and fun
trip for reasons other than artistic ones ;p

I discovered that I had to make the hard choice between being a tourist or a painter, because if I give in to my traveller's urge to go about shooting the gorgeous architectural ruins, I have no energy left to paint. Conversely, to get any serious work done, I should just set up shop at a good spot as soon as possible (preferably with ample shade that can last the next couple hours and hopefully no mozzies) whilst repressing my tremendous urge to go around to explore. Being an amateur artist, I pretty much oscillated between the two ;p
Anyway, here are some of my plein air efforts from the trip when not gallivanting around with my camera:

Title: The Unfinished Entrance At Bakong (A3)
Description: Siem Reap's Bakong Temple, Cambodia. 2006.
Medium: Acrylic on Panel (flat).
Dimensions: 40 x 30cm.
Price: SOLD.

Title: Preah Khan (SP1)
Description: Siem Reap's Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia. 2006.
Medium: Pencil Work.
Dimensions: 30 x 25cm (with frame).

Price: SOLD.

Title: Bayon (SI3)
Description: Siem Reap's Bayon Temple, Cambodia. 2006.
Ink Drawing (mounted on display board) 27x24cm: SOLD.

Title: Tree At Preah Khan (SI4)
Description: A beautiful fig tree at Siem Reap's Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia. 2006.
Ink Drawing (mounted on display board) 27x24cm: SOLD.

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