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my art teacher keeps telling me that i need to develop a body of work, something distintive that says it's my art. yes, a series.. it sounds so difficult to me, even though technically that just means 2 or more. i have been thinking long and hard, tried different mediums, lost direction sometimes, did a hiatus to no-man's land, you get the picture. i am so greedy that i cannot commit to 1 subject, even though that seems to be the tried and tested route to being a successful painter. sigh, how to specialise and work hard to be really good at 1 thing when i am a natural jack of all trades.. maybe that is the problem.

anyway, i decided to stop thinking and have a truce of sorts with myself. instead of stressing myself out and feeling perpetually out of time since i only paint once a week, i shall let it be and just enjoy myself with whatever time i've got.

strangely enough, i think the series idea came to me by itself.

i started out on a small piece on the canadian rockies as a filler between paintings that i think to do. i didn't take much care and initially thought it was going to be another one of those pieces that will go straight into storage under my bed. then things got better and hey, i think the atmosphere's not bad. especially the clouds. so maybe that's what i should do, or something built around the theme.

i've always had a tendency to under-expose my shots in order to catch the sky details. the billowy blobs, the blissful streaks, the gravity-defying shapes ambling across the serene skies; clouds have always fascinated me because there is a surreal, romantic, and almost whimsical, quality about this most accessible part of nature. certainly there is plenty of material. if not, i can just look out the window ;p

so dare i say that this will be my 1st series? watch this blog..

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