art sales

i have had some queries if my paintings are on sale and how i price them.

the 1st one's easy: of course, all of them! unless sold already or not with me. for those works that i have not indicated prices, it just means i haven't had the time to agonize over it (so check with me) which brings me to the 2nd question.

let's just say pricing is an incredible headache and heartwrenching dilemma for me. okay, i'm exaggerating. my rule of thumb is to go by medium type and size, then adjust according to quality and if it's a personal favourite.

i know this may sound a bit arbitrary but there is logic behind it. oil pieces cost more in terms of materials than say watercolour and uses up a lot more blood, sweat and tears ;p and generally, the bigger the canvas, the greater the input.

quality is harder to explain. it is a part of my learning curve as i progress and learn to critique artwork in general and hopefully being able to achieve a measure of objectivity about my own. the last factor is rather subjective, but then again, this is probably the single most popular reason to why people buy paintings. simply put, personal liking is a barometer of my own reluctance to part with a piece that i like ;p

so there you go, my warped rationale. and of course, some sceptics say i need to join the dearly departed in order for the prices to reach an appreciable level, ironically, for me to make a decent living ;p

speaking of sales, to address, erm, a slight storage problem, i am starting to list selected work on ebay at bargain prices from time to time so watch out for it.

and finally, to do my part to promote owning art in Singapore, do vote for your favourite artworks and email it to onghy3@yahoo.com.sg with subject heading "Yen's Free Art" to get a free artwork.

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