Crazy year but it's Christmas..

Yes around the corner. Thank goodness for annual holidays that remind us there is still good and relative peace (no world wars) to be thankful for. Being able to say good things to others.. even a simple holiday greeting.. to be kind to one another (no putting downs).. these little gestures are fast going the way of the dodo if you believe the world of internet advancedness where civility to fellow human beings is in short thrift.. 

Fortunately it isn't the real world. We are real human beings, not a facebook friend not a whatsapp messager. It is easy to mudsling, but it takes courage to praise, to bear tolerance to differing views, to show grace and kindness. I am a believer that having one good thought takes away the capacity to exhibit a negative one. 

So I am gonna do my part again, gratefully, for a drive to garner funds for charitable causes. In support of the World Vision Singapore Life Changing Gifts program which provides life-changing gifts to needy children in Asia developing countries.

50% of my sales proceeds for November will go to the gifts. And if, if there is more, to support the needs of the elderly in my own country as alas, we have a long way to go in this social respect. 

My paintings & photography shops: 

Whatever the world is becoming, may 2017 be a peaceful one, at least until the next christmas hols come along :) 

PostScript: SPECIAL THANKS to all who purchased my art items in November as well as from my Artist Charity Cum Moving Out Sale. Donations totalling S$628 (approx US$442) have been made to World Vision for 7 gifts of need for children in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as to elderly causes, Assisi Hospice and Kwong Wai Shui Hospital. A Merry X'mas to all :)

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