Remembering Paris..

I had painted this last month without knowing that the beloved city that means so many things to so many people, were to meet with attacks (for want of a better word, as I refuse to sensationalise as the perpetuators wish) this tragic Friday 13 Nov 2015. 

The piece is a tribute to travels and Paris, inspired by a little yellow boat called "Paris" that I have come to watch out for every morning, at the PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) terminal when my bus to work emerges from a long dark tunnel every morning. 

I have been to Paris twice, once on a europe students tour which whipped in the highlights - Eiffel, Notre Dame, Louvre - in a whirlwind, where I just remembered that I must come back to Monmarte again with the romance and idealism that it holds for struggling artists.  The second was a much longer backpacking trip traversing all over France, which was one hack of a colourful trip with many funny episodes, good and bad, but definitely memorable.  I may have encountered a few prickly French as I don't spout any and had a communication issue, but it is hard not to love the country for its beautiful cities, quaint towns, scenic landscapes that look like they come out of an art book, its absolutely rich and fascinating cultural and freedom of artistic expressions that produces so many great artists, and the sheer encouragement of it that is in the psyche of the French which is to be admired and emulated. And Paris with its Eiffel symbol, is an epitome of freedom, and an artist's dream.  The current episode will not dent this spirit that has stood the test of time.  May the Parisians move on with strength and resilience and continue with their celebrated way of life that should be the way it is, with the ideals to inspire the rest of the world. 

Title:  Untitled 6 (A47) 
Description: Red pink whimsical vintage Paris painting of little child in colorful surreal swirl of Eiffel Tower, carousel, yellow boat and green toy bike. 2015. 
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 
Dimensions: 76 x 76cm.

Purchase at:  yen.artfire.com

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