Whimsical Little Girl Series

At least, this is what this Untitled series is turning out to be ;p  It's a new direction in my art, and I am excited about it. 

Instead of images from my travels which I have been doing for years, I began to paint pictures from my heart, a suggestion from a friend. 

So I started to imagine scenes from whatever comes to mind.. nuggets, unknown places, memories, feelings, symbols, dreams.. and culled for materials to thread it altogether. 

Somehow, the theme of being a child again just seems to linger.  But I do not know what to call the pieces as they seem to invoke different things to different people, and even to me.  So for the first time in my painting journey, I am leaving them Untitled.  

Title:  Untitled 1 (A42) 
Description: Whimsical expressionist painting of little girl chancing upon a dog in a nameless city with rose symbol and streakng light in a dreamy surreal nightscape. 2015. 
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 
Dimensions: 76 x 76cm.

Title:  Untitled 2 (A43) 
Description: Whimsical painting of a little girl and a cat reaching out for a fly away hot air balloon with a birdcage in tow, trailed by roses, angels and vintage symbols. 2015. 
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 
Dimensions: 76 x 76cm.

Title:  Untitled 3 (A44) 
Description: Impressionist painting of train station in surreal bright orange lights whilst a little girl in pink and her teddy bear stand awaiting. 2015. 
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 
Dimensions: 76 x 76cm.

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com

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