A Day at the Botanical Gardens & Bamboo Abstract

I have not been to the Botanical Gardens in a while. It was my favourite haunt many moons ago and what I always recommend to travellers to Singapore, but the MRT and other construction put a dampener of sorts. After gasp! umpteen years of wait, the dust finally settled.  

The gardens have been extensively revamped, no doubt due to the bid to be listed on UNESCO.  But thankfully, still recognisable, familiar and as beautiful as ever.  And oh the black swans are still there, in the lake, which I sat by for the longest time, moved into painting a sketch of the lone tree across. Then it started to shower with  the nearby pavilion providing a wonderful refuge for both people and pigeons ;p  The drops became almost a downpour before the water drama ended, yielding sunshine again.  I looked at the tree again. The feeling was simply marvellous.  And this was what I seek to capture in the painting created from the sketch.

I also saw the most lovely bamboo corner with the leaves rustling softly with the winds, a poetic sight to behold. And again another sketch which I later turned into an abstract painting. 

I have to go back again another time. So much more that moved me that day that I have yet to capture. And in a manner different from my earlier busy works. A quieter rendition, an indescribable feeling. This is after all, my favourite place in Singapore.

Title: Bamboo Abstract (O119) 
Description: Abstract painting of bamboo trees rustling in the winds invoking imagery of colourful floral and singing birds, in Chinese ink painting style. Singapore Botanical Gardens, SG50 Series. 
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 

Dimensions: 61 x 46cm. 

Title: A Day at the Botanical Gardens (O118) 
Description: Poetic abstract painting of a lone whimsical tree of green, in the winds above the waters, inspired by a lake at  the Singapore Botanical Gardens. SG50 Series. 
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas. 

Dimensions: 61 x 46cm. 

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com 

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