It's time for.. Christmas Shopping !!

It's a wee bit soon but would like to start this year's holidays greetings early, as it's that time of the year when I begin my annual christmas drive in aid of the World Vision Singapore Life Changing Gifts program since.. well, I started selling my art online way back in 2009 :) 

I notice that, over the years, the gift items get more and more costly with the runaway inflation in Asia - from a few dollars to now, at least $10 for a small item, and these are basic necessities for the needy children, not good-to-haves. 

So if you are looking for gift ideas, consider an art gift, an inspiring artwork memento from a faraway place.. a picture to decorate the wall perhaps, or a coaster or journal, even if christmas cards don't seem to be as fashionable these days. Although I personally prefer the joy of touching and opening something physical from the mail, than to click on a gadget screen for instant gratification that goes as quickly as it comes ;p But I am digressing. 

My paintings & photography shops: 

50% of my sales proceeds for the month of November will go to the cause. Use coupon code: YENFBTT11 for 10% off. 

Finally, here's wishing all Merry Holidays, and Shopping, and a Blessed 2015 ahead :) 

PostScript: It's a quiet year and my sincere appreciation to all who shopped my stores during this period.  A total of S$120 (approx US$96) donation has been made to World Vision for 8 essential gift items to needy children in China, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines & Zambia. Please feel free to contribute directly to bring more cheer to the children this Christmas :)

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