Postcard from Jeju

I love these postboxes on the Jeju Olle Trail No. 7 for more reasons than one.  In today's world of iphone/ipad and a plethora of gadgets for instant gratification and communication, whoever remembers the joy of waiting, of anticipation, of imagination, of surprise, of receiving a physical postcard in the letterbox, with a stamp implanted from lands faraway and wondering how far this little item has travelled to be delivered.. And with a preciously thought and penned message.  

Most of all, I love that it stops time. That it rekindles the romance of travelling, of being away from it all, and just enjoying the little joys of wandering, of discovering, of appreciating, of savouring the moments, of remembering a distant friend, and of being at peace :)

Title: Postcard from Jeju 信的告白 (O100)
Description: Whimsical painting inspired by the joy of discovering a cluster of postboxes on the Jeju Olle Trail No. 7, a reminder of the romance of travelling and of sending a postcard home. Jeju Notes 2014.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 76 x 76cm.

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