Wanderer's Paradise

Madness yet a genius. This was what crossed my mind when I came across this unusual shack on a cliff edge, literally, while hiking the Jeju Olle Trail No. 7.  Mind you, it was quite a drop down that precarious ledge into treacherous terrain, wee..  
Yet I was at once wildly amused by the madness of the author, and terribly intrigued by the brilliance of it all, the more I studied it.  

Wooden planks to layout the spot, check.  Weather extremely hot, not much shade on this stretch of trail, tie shelter to tree branches, check.  Blow-away super strong winds characteristic of Jeju, use lots of strong ropes tied like a maze to secure the all-important showcase chair.. not to mention the almighty drop to heaven if it weren't, check.  And lastly a fantastic view point of the ocean, the rugged rocky coast, the distant islets, check. Now all there's left was to sit..  

Except I didn't quite have the courage of the mad one. The chair seemed sturdy enough when I sat my backpack on it. Stood behind was all I dared endeavour then in the bellowing winds. But the longing and regret endured way after. So being an artist which is a good skill to have when you can't live something, I painted the scene instead ;p Yes, the surreal dream of what it would be like to sit on that ledge - to rest, contemplate and admire with trepidation perhaps - the mad one's gateway to heaven, literally and metaphorically.

Title: Wanderer's Paradise 游子的天堂 (O98)
Description: Colourful surreal landscape painting inspired by a shack on a cliff edge the artist encountered while hiking the coast of Jeju Olle Trail No. 7. The scene depicts her dream sitting beholding the ocean, on a chair tied by a litany of ropes, the concoction of a mad genius perhaps, and a gateway to heaven, literally and metaphorically. Jeju Notes 2014.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 61 x 61cm.

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com

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