The Scooter

One of the joys of hiking on the Jeju Olle Trails is oft, after long long stretches of ocean sea and waves, even ulu (remote) nothingness, with blistered feet and all from the famed black rocks.. suddenly a quirky little cafe will appear out of the blue... literally.  and blow all the fatigue away..

One had a beautiful sculpture garden and played wonderful music until I didn't want to leave. Another served the most yummy ice dessert with so many nutty flavourings that savouring was an adventure in itself.  
This painting is inspired by a memorable cafe episode on Udo Island. The weather was gloomy when I arrived at the port. Unlike everybody else who chose to go on the plentiful wheel options, I decided to walk.  And I seemed to be the only one.  After an hour or so of a particularly lonesome amble through stone walled paths and brown villages, it started to rain with big pelting drops.  I had to scramble to put on protective layers before continuing. Barely had I braved the blistering elements for a short distance, lo and behold a pristine white structure that looked like a pirate yacht appeared.  It was a godsend little cafe that hailed the start of a petite stretch of stunning white sands and turquoise waters.  As if on cue, the storm blew over, the sun came out. And someone parked a cute white scooter right before my window as I dug into my dessert gratefully, and happily.

The work commemorates that afternoon of eventful wanderings. Of what it means to be on the road.  What it means to find a restive enclave. Of trials and tribulations, pains and joys, of a silver lining at the end of every storm. And of the gems of discovery on a journey embedded into this whimsical window, crowded with items and collectibles.. nuggets from a memorable travel. 

Title: The Scooter 小摩托 (O97)
Description: Whimsical painting of a cafe window onlooking a little scooter parked on a beach, with a lively composition crowded with delightful items and collectibles from the artist's nuggets of memories of the Jeju Olle Trail on Udo Island. Jeju Notes 2014.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 61 x 61cm.

Purchase at: yen.artfire.com

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