The Way Home

A lyrical place makes an inspiring one. Simply love the old streets in Suzhou, with beautiful whitewash houses in the ancient style and the interweaving poetic arching roofs, all coming together like a Chinese painting scene, much like ancient China coming alive before one's very eyes. 

What mysterious abodes lie behind those carved doors? What stories go on behind those pretty windows?  What inspired those stunningly beautiful classical gardens that Suzhou is famous for?  What about the beautiful women that Suzhou is known for?  What  about the aspirations of modern day China? The tug between the historical and the new must have created much upheavals in the lives of the Suzhou people, even as these ancient buildings quietly watch by.. 

With these thoughts swirling, the painting was created. A tad muted in colour compared to my previous works, but that was the feeling that these streets gave to me.

Title: The Way Home 回 (O85)
Description: A poignant piece inspired by the poetic streets of Suzhou. China 2013.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 61 x 61cm.


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