Cang Lang Ting

I hadn't expected to be so "you gan jue" (i.e. moved) this trip to Shanghai to visit a friend. Especially as I do not recall being terribly impressed by Suzhou when I went as a kid on a family trip it seems a lifetime ago. 

But touched me this place did. I am so glad my friend decided to bring me to Suzhou over the weekend and we happened to stay near this particular Suzhou classical garden. It was one of the famous UNESCO gardens albeit a quiet one located at a little river canal behind a serene hospital ground. Best of all untouched by the mad chaos of tourists who throng the larger gardens.

I was attracted by the beautiful name, Cang Lang Ting or Surging Waves Pavilion (沧浪亭). The garden was the epitome of zen, period. And creativity. With everything looking like they were haphazardly arranged yet strangely blending poetically, I was literally hypnotised as we explored the rooms, the mysterious nooks and corners, the way the buildings, structures, pathways, rocks, trees, plants, pond, and even a cave, interacted windingly in perfect harmony. Every window was different and led to yet another beautiful corner.  My impression of classical systematical chinese design was completely turned on its head.  I was reminded of the endless joy of exploring Gaudi's architecture once again.  Yes, this is a gem of a place, which made my trip to Suzhou, and Shanghai, totally worth.  Hence the tribute of this painting :)

Title: Cang Lang Ting 沧浪亭 (O83)
Description: A painting to record the artist's joy of visiting, and feelings for, Cang Lang Ting (Surging Waves Pavilion), one of China Suzhou's famous UNESCO classical gardens. China 2013.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 61 x 61cm.


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