Timeless.. like a pink elephant!

I am often asked why I don't paint Singapore. The truth is, it is probably too close to heart. Even in my younger days flirting with art club and pencil portraits, I could do perfect strangers but not close ones. Maybe older is wiser for I've finally overcome the strange malaise and found an emotional arc about my homeland that I have an urge to express. 

But sorry folks, it's not going to be pretty nostalgia nor heritage, for that is never my inclination.  I call the theme Mirage Island for we are forever in a state (or being told we are so) of flux, change, crossroads, survival, etc.. What is real, what is imagined?.. What is just glittery?  What can we really hold on to?

The piece featured here should not be too hard to recognise. As for the title, your guess is as good as mine. 

Title: Timeless.. like a pink elephant! (O69)
Description: Mirage Island series, exploring the myth of Singapore whether we are real or imagined. The subject building was the General Post Office historically but is today a luxury hotel retaining the Fullerton name. 2011.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 76 x 51cm. 



  1. I love the colors in your paintings You did great. :)

  2. Thanks, Kerri :) I took a look at your art, by the way, your flower paintings are great!

  3. sagarika2.12.11

    wonderful.....like all your other works

  4. lovely n i like the use of multi colours.... :) keep it up!

  5. Thanks, Sag, Doreen. I enjoyed doing this piece :)

  6. Beautiful Yen!!
    Such talent you have.....amazing!

  7. Pink elephant :D. I loved how Singapore used to look though, this video of old Singapore is interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw7toyYrqjs&feature=fvwrel

  8. Thanks, Holly and Joyce.
    The video of Singapore is very interesting :) Viewed through tinted glasses of old colonial glam.. and in a way the point of my piece. Have we come full circle today? Fullerton is now a 5-star luxury hotel..