A Tale of Two Publications..

They say good things come in 2s..

This week, I received my copy of the International Contemporary Artists Volume III which is a juried collection of contemporary artists' work and information that I successfuly submitted to some months ago. I know I will be featured but the quality of the volume was a wonderful revelation!  Both in terms of print quality as well as the artwork selection and array.  I spent an entire afternoon flipping through the beautiful 1-inch thick publication re-living the journeys of other artists from all around the world - some established whom I am honoured to be featured with, others emerging like myself where the thoughts resonated strongly - and being inspired by their works.  The very next day, I visited the Affordable Art Fair currently held in Singapore, and was pleasantly surprised to see the distinctive works of a fellow featured artist from South Korea, Lee Kyunglim, who uses cardboard to create object works in a Korean patchwork composition of Seoul scenes.  Print can never fully meet the exuberance of viewing the actual pieces but they give an excellent idea and representation and spur one on to want to see the originals.  That's the beauty of art!  

For the record, my feature is at Page 185 with 2 works from my Spain Camino Series featured, "Rhapsody" and "Bluesy" :)

On the local front, I just learned that I am featured in the Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG) Nov 2011 issue, which is a pocket sized publication for easy carrying when visiting the galleries and is available at all the major art museums and galleries in Singapore.  The work featured here is my "Destined" cathedral piece, also from my Spain Camino Series :)

Title: International Contemporary Artists Vol III
Description: International Contemporary Artists is a series of art books, a source for artists, galleries, museums, art collectors who seek for the new trends in the world of art. They include distinguished samples of the featured artists' work and information, each one representing different trends of art. The book has been created by Eve Lemonidou and Olga Antoniadou, publishers and curators.
ICA Publishing.
Dimensions: 11.4" x 8.2" x 1", museum quality full colour paperback 324 pages.
Price: US$120 available at

Title: Singapore Art Gallery Guide ~ Nov 2011
Description: SAGG is a comprehensive guide to the art and cultural institutions of Singapore, offering a wide-ranging talk about the arts - visual arts, performing arts, film and photography - in addition to providing detailed information about art galleries, performance centres, artists, exhibitions and events in town.
René Daniels.
Dimensions: 11.5 x 21 cm, 68 pages.
Price: Free copy available at leading arts and cultural venues all over Singapore, or subscribe at S$50 for doorstep delivery of the10 issues per year. 

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