Contentment ( 简单的快乐 )

Happiness can be so simple. I was moved by the serene scene of sunrays falling warmly on some houses at the Yangmingshan National Park where a gigantic overhanging white cloud seemed to be sheltering and protecting the humble abode. Hence I took a picture and created a longitudinal bookmark shot of this sunset scene, from which my painting was born.

I had thought it would be a simple painting to do. In the end it took longer than expected as I experimented to re-capture the wondrous feeling of that evening. It seems the path to happiness is not easy, but it is good when I get there :)

Title: Contentment (O42, SA38)
Taiwan series. Simple living, simple happiness. Inspired by a dusk scene at theYangmingshan National Park in Taipei. 2010.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 76x51cm

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