Blooming Happiness ( 满满的幸福 )

Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere! Gleeful were my friends and I when we discovered this field while taking a walk in the countryside at Jiji in Nantou, central Taiwan.

And the warmth and joy of that afternoon was what I seek to capture in this piece, with a touch of enigmatism added to the final oil work, as I wondered what was the source of our happiness that day. Was it the flowers? Was it the setting? Was it the company? Was it the strange shaped building yonder? Or was it simply the surprise bouquet combination of it all?

Title: Blooming Happiness (O43, SA37)
Taiwan series. From a visit to Jiji, Nantou, in Central Taiwan, where we literally stumbled on this blooming field with beautiful flowers to our utter delight. 2010.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.

Dimensions: 76x60cm

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