Autumn Thoughts Series ( 秋念系列 )

Autumn is a favourite season of mine, perhaps because I don't live in a place with four seasons and don't have to face the prospects of a bleak cold winter ahead with all the bothersome things associated with it. And coming from a country with tropical greens all-year round, the gloriousness of autumn colours never fails to amaze me.
So when I travel, this is usually the season I try to catch - not the hot hot summers where I have had more than enough in my home country, not the cold cold winters even though the sight of snow is exciting to me as well - although spring is a close second preference. But the autumn window is notoriously brief and hard to time, sometimes arriving too early sometimes too late.. but when I did have the privilege to witness the grandeur, it's such a blessing, sigh..
Yet this beautiful transient period is such a provocateur of conflicting emotions - stimulation at the visual treat of nature at its surreal best versus trepidation of what is to come after - so we angst over the beauty, the brevity, the fragility of life, the effluxion of time - even the chinese character for autumn ( 秋 ) with a heart ( 心 ) at the bottom means sorrow ( 愁 ).
When I decided to paint autumn landscapes, this becomes a natural theme for my experiment with expressionism - a season of change, a season that prompts many thoughts - a season for contemplation ( 静禅 ), solitude ( 独思 ) & decisions ( 抉择 ), the titles of my 3 pieces in this Autumn Thoughts series.

Title: Contemplation (O24,SA26)
Description: Autumn is a season of change, with nature seemingly determined to depart from spring with a climax of its most glorious colours before retreating to bitter winter. It is also a period that provokes the most conflicting emotions. Contemplation is the 1st work in my Autumn Thoughts series and exhibited at the inaugural alfresco art fair @ clifford square from 30 Oct~1 Nov 09. 2009.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 45 x 45cm.
Price: SOLD.

Title: Solitude (O25,SA27)
Description: The second work in my Autumn Thoughts series. Aloneness with one's thoughts is the theme of this piece. 2009.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 60 x 45cm.

Title: Decisions (O26,SA28)
Description: Autumn Thoughts series. The inevitable need to find meaning and resolution in our thoughts is the central theme behind this piece. 2009.Medium:
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 60 x 45cm.

Price: SOLD.

anna jasmin said...
This painting (Contemplation) attracts, and I am happy it does. It possess a certain awe. Love looking at it!
jeffrey said...
I like the lighter shades in Solitude - kind of resonates with the theme how the colours of life start fading away when autumn beckons, don't you think? =)
beibei said...
like Contemplation and Decisions. Stronger Autumn Colors for me. I love Autumn too..那多事的秋。
jiayi said...
I like Solitude as well. 喜欢比较细腻的画作。
allison said...
Beautiful painting (Contemplation miniwork) (I just got it framed and hung and love it) and a great seller. Thank you!
janet said...
Just wanted to let you know that I received your painting (Solitude miniwork) yesterday.. Safe and sound, I love it!!

melissa forcier said...
Really beautiful!! (Contemplation painting)

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