Tree And Cathedral Mountain

After using painting knife for a long spate, I suddenly missed my brushes and decided to try a new approach using short vertical strokes and simplifying the objects in the scene. In a sense, I was gravitating towards the abstract. I was never a realist anyway and more of an impressionist but I needed to establish an identity. Many have said that my colours are distinctive but something more is needed.

Flipping through my photos, I came across 2 pictures from my hiking trip in Tasmania on the Overland Track (some say Underwater Track) that gave me strong indescribable feelings. They both have this imposing mountain aptly called Cathedral Mountain, the 1st in the distance taken when we were hiking towards it, and the 2nd captured when we've reached our hut that has the mountain as a magnificient backdrop.

I did both paintings at the same time and they therefore have a common colour palette. They are an experiment and different from my past works. But I do think that they convey the feelings that the pics and my remembrance of the trek gave to me.

Title: Tree And Cathedral Mountain (O21,SA24)
Description: On the Overland Track in Tasmania with Cathedral Mountain in the distance. 2009.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 50 x 40cm.

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