Mornington Peninsula Art Trip ~ Mornington Pier

I've written about this amazingly fun art trip down under before so I'd concentrate on the artworks, starting with one of my favourites which somehow everything clicked just nicely for this plein air piece.

It was late morning when we arrived at Mornington Pier and the sight of the many boats and yachts bobbing along on the soft turquoise waters just gave me a very pleasing feeling. I especially like one particular wooden-planked navy blue tented boat so I decided to use it to anchor my composition. At the time I was reading up a lot on Cezanne and it just came naturally that I should tilt the front boats up for better compositional shapes never mind the distortion in perspective. I also consciously shortened the length of the masks to create depth of the boats but exaggerated the one on the front right yacht for a strong vertical to balance the horizontal components. Everything worked well enough and the pastel colours just came naturally to match the boat that I liked and started with, so the only challenge was to get it all done before our stomachs came a-growling for lunch time ;p

Title: Mornington Peninsula ~ Mornington Pier (A6)

Description: Plein air work at Australia's Mornington Peninsula. 2008.
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 30 x 25cm.

Prints available for purchase at my artfire shop.

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fauziah said...I love the mornington pier it looks so alive..

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