Mornington Peninsula Art Trip ~ Cape Schanck

My 2nd favourite piece from the art trip is this "Budha Palm" rock at Cape Schanck which just screams to be painted. Okay I'm exaggerating. But this unusual rock formation which we had to lug our stuff all the way down an eternal flight of wooden bridge steps to reach did give us all The Feeling, so to speak, to start work immediately.

Not that we had a choice given the challenging conditions. Dramatic setting means spectacular wave sprays and winds, not to mention flying pebbles and worst of all, the sandflies and awful bites! My acrylic paint seemed to dry as soon as I squeezed them out and I actually wore sun-glasses (to the amusement of my fellow artists) to keep out the sand blizzards. It was no wonder that my initial work ended up a tad "overly wild" for the skies and I had to tone it down subsequently back home. But I do like the rock piece effect. And this is a good companion piece to my Mornington Pier work (below) which I have hanging together in my bedroom :)

Title: Mornington Peninsula ~ Cape Schanck (A7)

Description: Plein air work at Australia's Mornington Peninsula. 2008.
Medium: Acrylic on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 30 x 25cm.

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sarah said...
This painting is truly beautiful. My friend is Australian and misses home from time to time...it's his 50th birthday..i know he will love this gift. Thank you!

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