A Street In Arles

A couple years back, I took a hiatus from work and went gallivanting in France & Scandinavia for a good 2 months, which was altogether fun, funny and challenging since I speak no French.. ;p But I had to visit the art museums in France (and they are really good - when they are not closed ;p ) and pay pilgrimage to the land of my favourite Impressionist artists. So naturally I made my way to Provence and ambled into Arles, which I learned to be Vincent van Gogh's place except there wasn't a painting of his there and his studio had been destroyed in WWII. Nevertheless, I was much inspired by the place, especially the lovely uneven buildings with multi-coloured tiled roof intertwined in a fascinating maze of narrow winding streets, which probably accounts for this being considered Van Gogh's most creative period.

So it was that I painted this particular piece from a reference photo which was actually quite muted in colour but the feeling and atmosphere of my stay in Arles came through in the gay colours I put to the buildings of this street scene of a middle-aged lady going home. The bags may seem heavy but the mood is not, with hope and warmth represented by the strong lighting that I added to the scene. This was also one of my first oil pieces using painting knife and I found that the splattering effect turned out well on the buildings and pavement :)

The painting will be displayed at the 6 perspectEVEs exhibition on 4 ~ 28 August 2009 at The Art Loft @ Volvo.

Title: A Street In Arles (O6, SA1)

Description: Inspired by the narrow winding streets of Arles, Provence, France. 2008.
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
Dimensions: 60 x 50cm. SOLD.

Mini-Acrylic Work (with burgundy cardboard frame) 24x21cm: S$45 (USD30).

mary c. aikens said...
I really like your paintings very much. You have captured the use of color. I also use much color in my artwork. The "Street Scene in Arles" and "Tea At Boathouse" are among two of my favorites of your paintings.
beibei said...
I like this
valerie said...
I loved your painting of Arles. I hope to visit someday. In the meantime, thank you for capturing and sharing with us this beautiful place through your works.
teckmeng said...
I too like your piece of Arles. Been to France before but never knew that place even existed.
huilin said...
i like this one =) inspiration from??

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