Seasons ~ Winter Wonderland

I have a penchant for using moody reference photos with muted colours for my paintings because they give free rein to my imagination and I am not so influenced or constrained by the local colours. I am also a believer that a painting should not copy the original photo or scene slavishly, or I may as well take a photograph instead. In any case, my photos are works in their own right for that medium, at least I think so ;p As a result, I am not a realist painter and have strong leanings towards Impressionists and post-Impressionists styles.

So it was with this particular piece that my feelings of delight and wonder translates into a canvas of fantasy colours for a beautiful winter scene that I woke up to from my tent whilst on a trek in the Himalayas during a memorable adventure to the remote kingdom of Bhutan. Winter Wonderland aptly describes my bursting sense of joy and happiness like a child discovering a treasure then. It is thus the name for my painting as well as my photo, different they may look visually but encompassing the same magical emotions that I had felt and wanted so much to convey and share.

The painting took part in my art space's 2nd Juried Show on 25 ~ 27 Mar 2008 and was displayed at the 6 perspectEVEs exhibition on 4 ~ 28 Aug 2009 at The Art Loft @ Volvo.

Seasons ~ Winter Wonderland (O7)
Inspired by a beautiful winter scene one morning on the Druk Path Trek in Bhutan, this piece delights with its fantasy colours, evoking the feelings of joy and wonder of a child discovering a treasure. 2006.
Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.
60 x 50cm


jeffrey said...
I like Winter Wonderland
karel said...
Personally like the piece named Winter Wonderland
gavin said...
amazing artwork.....loved the winter stuff
judy said...
Your use of color adds excitement to your work! I love your treatment of the mountain scape in Autumn Crescendo and the lovely Winter Wonderland.
sorin apostolescu said...
Beautiful artwork !!!

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