why i paint

painting is to me an outlet
for sharing one's expression
of the beauty of the world;
i aim to create things that are satisfying to me and inspiring to others...

art is a natural extension to my love for travels. as with photography that helps me to remember and put in permanence my personal interpretation of a scene, painting is to me an even
more individualistic experience of expressing my feelings for the beauty, and even ugliness, that is our world.

i revel in using colours even as i learn that it is not the most important thing in developing a painting. i love the the freedom of creating a scene, a mood, a feeling, moving things as i wish, experimenting with the elements, toying with the paint and seeing how it all turns out. such is the joy of painting! or the not-so-joyful times when oops.. things don't quite work ;p

most important of all, i have discovered that painting allows me to marvel at the world through the eyes of a child again – that the skies need not be blue, clouds are definitely not white, trees can be purple if i wish, the sun need not be orange, or round for that matter... these are after all only the local colour and shapes of objects that we are taught and ingrained to believe when we grow up until we gradually forget how to see and how to let our imagination run loose. it's ironic isn't it? i am unlearning in order to learn to truly see and feel again. but oh, this is so much fun...

so it is hoped that my works, however amateur they may be, will evoke feelings in the viewer, whether positive or not. it is my grand wish that my home country singapore will develop a genuine culture for appreciating the arts. and that more people here will discover the joys of drawing and creating. and lastly, may i not die a poor artist, amen.

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