does framing make a painting more beautiful?

for practical reasons, my paintings are mostly unframed as it makes it easier to store and also to deliver for sales. moreover, those done on canvasses are ready-to-hang as all i have to do is insert 2
screws behind and tie a rope across.

that said, i think framing does have an impact, sometimes spectacular i dare say.

i have a lot of "mini-paintings" so-to-speak, which are really sketches i do for learning or before I embark on the full-size version on canvas. recently, i came across rather delightful colourful cardboard mounts in an art shop, those with holes in the middle for putting photographs. so i tried "framing" some of my sketches with these. the effect is fabulous, at least i think so ;p check it out: mini-paintings.

they'd make pretty gifts :) i like them so much now i am at 2 minds whether to sell or keep ;p

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